Thursday, 19 August 2010

Boots Limited Edition - impressed!

No I didn't get these for free... Although, Boots No.7 vouchers did make them a steal. Already sold out at my local Boots counter, I will be touring the nation's Boots stores in an attempt to get backups. (possibly)

The eyeshadow quad is nicely embossed with croc effect (I always give kudos to reptile inspiration) and perhaps in my younger days I would be enticed by the riot of jewel tones. As it was, that didn't tempt me - however, it is weirdly priced at £10.50 - whereas the lipsticks are optimistically priced at £9.75, and the eyeliner at £9.50. But as I say, throw a £5 off voucher into the mix and you're on your way.

They have two lipsticks, and the one I bought was "Nude Rebel" and it's very good quality: pigmented, smooth, moisturising and lasts well. The packaging is nice too, although the snakeskin sticker is a bit of a wasted afterthought. It's very, very soft so like some MAC lipsticks, it gets deformed in the tube and threatens to dislodge. But I love it and it's such a practical everyday shade for anyone. I nearly got the Dior lipstick the other day, but it failed to "wow me" so for £22 I rejected it. This humble Boots one felt very similar, and even if it makes no pretence to plump lips with special spheres etc, its silky almost matte finish does seem to make lips look fuller.


(looks a little brown in this photo, but it is indeed a slightly browned peachy pigmented nude)

The next thing worth getting is the Smoky eyeliner.

This comes in neat packaging too, and has a soft applicator so no dragging at all. It gives a wonderful hazed out yet bold line. But, it does give you that traditional kohl fallout. And it's far more prone to migrate than, say, a MAC Fluidline. However, its distinctive - exotic almost - smoked out line is definitely something special to add to your makeup collection. Me rocking my new smoky eyeliner and peachy lips...

  Ah, oh dear - did someone say transfer? - not the best to wear on a busy day. Both photos taken at the end of a long day. I know it's wrong but I still love that eyeliner anyway!!?

Last time it was their limited edition Highlighter which I loved, now this... apparently No.7 is now one to watch. Although there is something dreary which permeates the brand, these Limited Edition collections certainly hold a spark. Well worth a look!


  1. I'll have to go check to see if the local Target is getting this line. I do like the nude lippie on you but too bad that eyeliner transfers. Do you think a e/s primer would help or do you have one on and it still transfers? x

  2. @aestheticoo A little birdie told me you shouldn't need to go to the trouble of finding it....

    Oh yes I will try UDPP. This was lame MAC paint pot as base xx

  3. Well, as I see it's still worth a try. At least it is not one of those brands that gives allergic reaction to the skin. That's why we should always go for the brand that we can trust. I am really glad that the brand I trust is available through online shopping.