Saturday, 2 October 2010


I really love the distinctive "Toni & Guy" haircut. My hairdresser from Toni & Guy has moved to RUSH salon, where a haircut can cost upwards of £70, so although I justified it last time, I found it rather painful (even if they do offer you a glass of wine.) I think £50 is more than enough - but having said that, scrimping on a haircut will cost you dear. So this voucher is VERY precious, making a haircut now cost around £35. There is a huge difference between a great haircut and a backstreet barber haircut; a woman's hair is her crowning glory, and all that.

My backup hairdresser has now left my local Toni & Guy too, and I missed the chance to find out where (the staff now will doubtless withold that information from me) so now my only reservation is, whether I can find a good hairdresser amongst the esteemed Toni & Guy salons... (Any recs leave them below!!!) What I do know is, this is quite a rare opportunity. It's only available through October, Mon-Thurs. Get printing!

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