Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I have always been partial to a metallic eye look, so it was rather inevitable that I would fall for these. But the absolute best thing about them, is that as soon as I put this on I think: "Oh I don't need much makeup today."  You see, I put this on before foundation, to avoid fallout, and the bright rush of colour just brings all focus to the eyes and makes the skin look luminous too somehow. What an amazing ability!

Every time I wear these I get compliments. (for reference, I was wearing the gold "Glisten" in this video.) So I have two shades in particular that are my favourites - they manage to be sultry, yet modern. Sultry almost inevitably harks back to 1940s or 1960s etc... Not anymore! Step forward the new, modern metallic instant smokey eye. Unfortunately these shadaws do not come out until December, but it's worth the wait. And they are from a rather unlikely source... Introducing, Bare Minerals High Shine Eyecolour.


In order: Bronzed, Frost, Glisten and Spotlight. Below, Bronzed (with a darkened crease) and Frost (worn alone.)


Yes Bare Escentuals, famed for their natural shades in small sifter jars, have for the first time brought out eyeshadows that are dramatic, metallic, and not loose in pot form. In neat tubes with a soft sponge tip applicator, they take minimal effort, are very gentle on the eye area (no dragging at all) and you need hardly touch your lids to get the full power of these high shine colours. It looks like a foiled eyeshadow or a carefully applied pigment, and some of the shades are so complex that the way the light hits them makes the colour alternate beautifully. My favourites, "Glisten" and "Spotlight", are examples of this. Glisten is an iced gold, beautiful on any skintone and perfect for everyday wear. Spotlight is an antiqued greenish gold that is so enchanting, flashing green and gold and almost taupe when worn as a blended everyday eyeshadow. Indeed all I did was apply the colour using the sponge tip, then take a blending brush and blur the edges. One step instant smokey metallic eyes, though it looked like I had spent a long time perfecting! Effortless elegance, and all the colours look fantastic with black lashes and liner for ultimate high shine with impact.

Available in 6 shades. there is also a warm toned copper, called 'Bronzed', which equally can be worn as a daytime shade, and will look the best on blue eyes. The Silver shade, 'Frost' is a bright silver, very intense and especially ideal for night time looks. There is also a metallic teal, 'Electric', and a deep plum shade, 'Moonshine', and they too look like must-haves judging from the promotional images!

Priced at £14 and containing 1.5g, these are an excellent buy - they're certainly in a different league to your standard eyeshadow - only the lightest tap is needed for full-on colour. I highly recommend these and each tube is sure to last a long time. In terms of wear, I wore them over Two Faced Shadow Insurance and they held up all day and into the night. Be sure to check them out, hopefully they are not Limited edition (will find out and update), as these are extremely different to anything else the brand has, and a brilliant contrast.

Bare Escentuals will also have wonderul gift sets available from November. I tried the 9-piece Beyond Gorgeous set (£45) and you can see my review on that, as well as a recap of the eyeshadows review, over here. Bare Escentuals make the best blushers, and the one in that set, "Pink Ribbon," is a winner in itself.

Available from Nov/Dec 2010 from selected counters and all Bare Escentuals Boutiques.

Bare Escentuals website


  1. Thanks for the sneak peek at whats coming up for Bare Escentuals. When I saw the pink ribbon blush, I thought it was gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve seen a pink in a blush like that before.

    TheMoultonJ on YT

  2. Eeek i so want the Bronze! Great post xx

  3. These look lovely, i particularly like the look of 'electric', i love metallic eyeshadows, thanks for the heads up.

    A right move for Bare Minerals as well- i've just recently started using them and although i love the quality i couldn't help being underwhelmed by the eyeshadow colours, so this is just what they needed!

  4. Thanks, you will love them! xxx