Friday, 15 October 2010


If you have just watched my overview of the Trish McEvoy products I own and love, you will have seen that that I am a huge fan of the brand. The eyeshadows are smooth, pigmented and original; the newly launched Beauty Emergency Card (£30) is astoundingly compact - the shades are beautiful cool toned mauves, purples and browns, which can be combined to create a surprisingly varied amount of looks (I have used it for a brown smoky eye, a purple smoky eye, and a very nude naturally defined eye) and then there is the Essential Eye Base (£16) I have it in "Demure", a dusky fresh pink, but there are a wealth of shades to suit every skintone, and I have been using it religiously: it really is every bit as good as Urban Decay Primer Potion, yet has the advantage of concealing and brightening the eyelid. And the very discreet, lively tiny sparkles, add interest to even the most basic of eye looks. I must reiterate how impressed I am with this in particular. Indeed, although it may be smaller than UDPP, it is a lot more than just a primer... I will actually go as far as saying that for me, it might throw UDPP off its well-worn pedestal.

The eyeshadows and blushers are bought as loose pans, which means no wasteful packaging, but also be aware that you will need to house them in a planner or other magnetic palette. The eyeshadows are £11 and are consistently amazing - you must try them! There are shimmery glittery shades similar to the NARS Night series but with better texture, or there are matte, perfect nude shades. And the definers are the extra-pigmented shadows which can be used to line the eyes. I mix them with Trish McEvoy Finish Line, for eyeliner that will last all day and remain bold.

With that backdrop in mind, it is with great excitement that I can share with you this fascinating and enlightening interview with the lady herself.... I found her ideas very logical and direct, a perfect mirroring of the brand's image in fact!


Teaching is clearly crucial to you, as evidenced by your regular master classes; Do you see teaching as an important part of the brand identity? & do you plan to bring out any more books after the success of "The Power of Makeup"? 
· Teaching is absolutely one of the most important parts of my brand as I feel it is not only about the makeup you wear, but the ability to apply it each day on your own with ease. I do plan on releasing a new book in the near future! 

· Trish McEvoy is also one of the few companies not to be owned by a conglomerate, this marks you out as very different to the competition! Do you think this defines the brand, and if so, how?
· I feel this does not define the brand at all, it just enables us to react quicker to the always-changing market needs. It also allows for less bureaucracy, fewer divisions, and a more cohesive team that feels like family.
· I read that you were born in Dublin, raised in Berlin, then left for the US (where you are now) - Do you think this informed your designs: sleek and tailored towards travel and convenience? How did you come up with the "Planner" concept?
· My adult life is what influenced me in my Planner design. My husband and I were on a trip to Italy and I had my makeup strewn all over the hotel’s bathroom sink. My husband walked in and said “Trish, there has to be a better way.” That is what inspired me to come up with the idea for the Makeup Planner System. The influence of different cultures at a young age certainly enabled me with a better understanding of people and their differentiated needs.
· You were one of the first pioneers to combine science and beauty - having links of course with the Dr. Ronald Sherman/Trish McEvoy Skin Care Centre - and most recently launching the new Lash Enhancer products. Do you think in future the link will become ever closer and skincare and makeup will ultimately be fused, or do you think the artistic ritual of makeup application will prevail? 

· Many consumers are time crunched and love the benefits of color with treatment and knowing this, the fusion of skincare and color has been a focus in our line for over a decade. While skin-benefiting dual action products will continue to be a growing trend, there is always the consumer that is strictly interested in skincare, without color. For both customers, ingredients will continue to evolve and the good news is technology keeps advancing! The improvements for skincare and color will grow from fantasies to become realities. 
· Your range started with brushes, your brushes are very distinctive and famous for their quality, talk me through the process? (How do you decide on a design, and develop them?)
The design and development of my brushes starts with the look that I want to achieve. Then, each brush is designed to make it easy for the consumer or artist to achieve a result – from the density of the color to the finished look.
If I’m looking for a sheer application on a part of the face, the brush hairs will be longer.
If I’m looking for more dense color application the hair will be shorter. 
Depending on the part of the face, the size of the brush will differ. 
The hair type is determined by if the brush is to be used with liquid or powders.

· The Trish McEvoy range offers a practical, innovative approach to beauty; very different to other brands where collecting seems positively encouraged - Trish McEvoy seems more about building up a colour profile and neatly housing it in your planner. So, how often do you think a woman should change up her makeup to suit the seasonal trends, or her age, and so on? Any tips on that?
Seasonal makeup really has to do with coverage. 
Spring/Summer months you’re wearing lighter clothes everything should be lighter on the face
As you then go into Fall/winter, you’re dressing for more warmth and layering clothing, your face should be dressed up a little more.
As far as age, pictures do not lie. I always suggest that women take a picture of themselves and take an honest assessment of what she sees.
One of the principles in makeup is that it can make you look younger OR older. 
For the young, the thick heavy liner gives you a more mature look. For the more mature, a little less line gives you an instant defined eye without adding years. 
For the young, tinted moisturizer may be all you need. As one matures, Even Skin is what you want to look at. If your skin looks even continue with lighter coverage. If your skin is not as even as it had been, evening out the skin becomes very important. 
Shimmer on the young gives a wonderful party effect. Shimmer as one ages should be applied strategically, understanding that shimmer should never be applied where there are fine lines. 
Dark lip color is best left to the young. The sheerer the texture, the more trans-generational. 
Face color, very important. Sheerness to enhance the look of a natural healthy glow. Face color always applied to high apple. Sculpting and contouring is best left to the young or the more mature with a fuller face.
· I am currently reading a book on beauty through the ages; Do you have a favourite beauty era which inspires you? & how do you get your inspiration for new colours and products?
The era that I’ve been inspired by for years are the 70s because it was a period where a natural look was very popular. It was a time of enhancing natural beauty, unlike the 40s, 50s, 60s or even 80s where adornment was more the focus.
I get my inspiration by listening to women’s needs, watching movies, looking at women on the street, always thinking about how to enhance a women’s appearance and be able to express her personal style.
· If someone is stuck in a rut, or knows little about makeup and what suits them, do you have any tips? 

· Take a picture of yourself. The picture will tell you what you need to focus on. Likely, it will be a little bit of coverage under the eye and a little bit of color to the skin. It always goes back to evening out the complexion, illuminating the look of dark circles and adding a touch of color and definition where you feel you need it.
· And finally, if someone is new to your range, what is the best starter piece for them? Is there an item that you feel defines the brand?

· The pieces that define us are the Makeup Planner keeping everything in one place, my foundations and their different textures, concealer of course, eye base essentials to brighten and even out the lid, our simple medically-designed skincare and a sampling of fragrance from my fragrance wardrobe that best suits your mood or personality!


  1. Thanks Gail, I had heard of the line but didn't know anything about it. I'll check all this out, but I am especially excited about the eye primer!

  2. @Gail Yes you will adore it I'm sure!!! Thanks xxxx

  3. That was a great interview, Gail. Excellent questions. I've heard of the brand often enough but I understand the brand so much better now after reading this. Thanks! :) It has made me want to try it out myself!