Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tagged!! ... Now please check if I tagged YOU?? X

* TAG!*
Thanks to LLYANGEL for tagging me!

Shampoo: Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2 (great for greasy hair) alternated with Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac shampoo as my hair is in terrible condition from millions of bad dye jobs.

Condtioner: Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac conditioner, and weekly mask treatment from Sally's which really helps, called Osmo Essence Intensive Deep Repair Mask. And Alterna Cavia Anti-Aging polishing serum (amazing stuff!!!)

Styling products: Bed Head Tigi 'Health Godess' vitamin booster spray, L'Anza Urban Elements spray-in conditioner. Fudge wax.

Shower Gel: Au Courant face wash scrub (use this for my body, I am so decadent!!) Only as it didn't agree with my face, mind. Uusally I am happy with St Ives vanilla body wash or similar.

Body moisturiser: Vaseline Intensive Care (when I remember)

Deodrant: Nivea Pure Invisible.

Fake Tan: St Tropez whipped Bronze.(I used to, anyway. It is the best!!!)

Cleanser: Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean

Eye makeup remover: Lancome Bifacil.

Exfoliator: NADS Xfol (body) Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing mask (face)

Primer: N/A

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear

Foundation brush: Mac's 187

Concealer: Lancome Effacernes

Powder: MAC Blot Powder.

Blusher: currently loving MAC Plum du Bois (Cult of Cherry).

Bronzer: Bare Escentuals Warmth.

Highlighter: IPSA highlighter stick.

Eyeshadow base: MAC paint in Bare Canvas, or UDPP.

Eyeshadows: Guerlain quad Touche de Brun, been using this religiously recently! Or MAC Blanc Type and Moth Brown (Barbie).

Eyeliner: Lancome crayon Khols, love them. Or Chanel cake liner for blackest black neat line.

Eyelash curler: Model Co. a mascara type heater one, I had an awful experience with a real eyelash curler once. Suffice it to say it ended in tears (literally) and involved eyelash loss.

Eyelash base: N/A

Mascara: Lancome Hypnose

Lipstick: lately loving Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine in White Shine (600)
Lipgloss: not a fan, but used a Besame one today (it smelt nice)

Nail Colour: Guerlain matte top coat on bare nails right now, not very glam.

I tag .........

---------> Hope I'm not re-tagging anyone:

* Aestheticcoo

* Natalya

* LamiatS

* Lizz

Thanks!! Usually I hate tags actually, but I'm no killjoy, so let's keep this tag going..................


  1. I'm all giddy since this is my first tag! Thank you:) I'm excited to see that you like St. Tropez for fake tan as I've been wanting to try it out for the summer. Hope you're having a great week! I've been busy and eager to catch up on postings this weekend. No more slacking:P

  2. Excellent! Been ages since your last post. By the way have you got your steam cream yet? Been meaning to ask you. I've been using mine, I'll review it once I've decided what I think....

  3. Glad you did this tag - great list x