Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Rational make up discourse

After the recent thunderstorm provoked by one girl and her opinion on Coastal Scents... (gosh, déjà vu anyone??) I feel it is timely to point you in the direction of a few websites which always prove valuable resources when I start to panic.

Make up is created to make you look flawless, young and beautiful... but when you start wondering whether the ingredients will break you out, age you, or, as in this case- cause severe, perhaps fatal! lung disease, then it is time to take stock. Although scaremongering will always prove more exciting than platitudes, I felt unconvinced by the Youtube video. Nevertheless, Coastal Scents are developing a notorious reputation over these scenes, which will undoubtedly cost them dear.

....Knowledge is power, peeps!

Check out http://www.cosmeticsinfo.org/index.php if you ever need to know what's what.

Check out http://datecalculator.googlepages.com/englishhomepage as an easy way to tell how old your make up is!

Check out http://search.caringconsumer.com/ if, like me, you worry about the ethics side of your make up.


  1. Great post - I was disgusted by the way that youtuber was treated, her videos and blog are great. I personally will not be buying anything from coastal scents now or ever if this is how they see fit o treat a customer who was merely trying to raise awareness of a possible safety issue with one of their products. Many people were actually using the product in a way that cs stated was not the way it ws intended to be used. The person didn't attempt to turn customers against CS, just raise awareness. It was disgusting! Anyway, I'm grateful for websites you published too xxx

  2. Thanks hun, yeah CC would have done themselves a favour to applaud someone trying to tell the wood from the trees. Oh well.

    P.S Hope you are feeling better by the way xx